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Messanger Plus! Live – The Plus! Live team released the 4.6 version of the most popular extension to MSN Messanger. They changed the notification windows to be better looking, all the features work now in the Mobile Device chat windows, and the .WMA files can be selected now for Custom Notifications.However, if you are a script developer there will be a lot more new features available to you. I don’t want to go in to much details, but the UploadFileFTP,  GetElementPos, ExtractFromZIP and support for synchronous callbacks with GetCallbackPtr  few of the new features. Check out their release notes for more information.


Aim 6.8 Beta – Aol’s Instant Messanger got its new beta ou. They added the Aim Search, but if you have the previous version of Aim Beta then your plugins, Aim Phoneline, and Aim Call Out will not work. They are still working on the bugs, but they are encouraging all Aim Beta users to upgrade since many features will be incompatible between the new and old versions.

XnView – A freeware graphic file converter, multimedia viewer, and browser. It supports more then 400 graphic formats, resizing, rotating, cropping, and much more. It’s very simple and easy to use, similar to Irfan View but much more advanced.


Messenger Plus! v4.50

Messenger Plus

Messenger Plus! was finally released on December 9th after six months of creating the Windows Live Messenger Extension. The Messenger Plus! is integrated into your MSN messenger as an extension. It offers a wide variety of scripts like automated away message that can be added to your MSN. I personally think that MSN has come a long way, and that with the Messenger Plus! extension has become even better then Aim or any of the other messenger softwares offered.

If you decide to give it a try, after you download the extension you can browse and download the scripts that best suite your MSN as well as adding new skins to your messenger. Now you can tab your conversations under one window (vertically or horizontally) so you can have more space on your bar and better organization. And if you get tired of typing the same thing over and over then you can use the Quick Text feature that was added, which automatically enters the message with a simple short-cut key or typed command. Also, if you are a developer you have the chance to make your own scripts to be able to customize MSN the way you want it to be and share it with the public.

Messenger Plus! v4.50