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Convert Your Videos to Mp3

2008-03-29_222023.jpgVidToMp3 lets you extract the audio of Youtube, Myspace, Google Video, MegaVideo, and all the other video sites, so you can easily put it on your mp3 player or cellphone. It’s an easy way to take your videos on the go when you don’t have the iPod, but a regular mp3 player. VidToMp3 has made it simple to achieve this in few short steps.

  1. Copy the URL of the Video (You can use Copy to Clipboard from YouTube, MegaVideo, etc.).
  2. Paste it into the text box provided by VidtoMp3 on their site.vidtomp3
  3. Click the Download button once the conversion is done (be patient it might take a while depending on how big the video is).



Watch YouTube Videos in HD

A YouTube user (GoodyGian) was able to figure out a code that if added to the video URL it will change the video viewed into HD. The quote is “&fmt=18” (without the quotes). Here is an example:

Low Quality Video:

High Quality Video:

The video is a Bulgarian version of American Idol. This particular contestant doesn’t know English and tries to mimic a song from Mariah Carey, but fails miserably. However, it was so funny that she became a huge hit over the Balkan with her performance. I put this video as an example because you can see a big difference in the English subtitles of her sing the song, and to provide you with a good laugh.

Youtube Dowloader 2.3

youtubeThis freeware program not only downloads Youtube videos to you computer with just pasting an url in the program, but it downloads them as an .avi file rather then .flv. The advantage is that you don’t have to waste time converting the .flv files to be able to put them on a CD. All you have to do is copy and paste the video URL , select the folder where you want to download it, click download, and you are done. You can also watch the Youtube through the Youtube Downloader without installing any third party flash programs, since a flash player has been integrated in the program. It’s guaranteed that there are no spyware, malware, registration, or pop ups. Furthermore, it has a great friendly interface that even beginners will find easy to use this downloader.

Youtube Downloader 2.3