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9 Free Disposable E-Mail Services

Just wanted to post few free e-mail services that you guys can use to prevent getting spam in your regular inbox. Usually after the registration process you enter your real e-mail where everything will be forwarded, and as soon as you see what disposable email spams your inbox then you can cancel it.

  1. Spamgourmet – A feature-rich and flexible disposable e-mail services that leaves your inbox well protected from spam.
  2. Spamex – It comes in right after Spamgourment only because it has few features missing that Spamgourment has.
  3. 2 Prong – A disposable e-mail service that is for one-time use and without the feature to reply.
  4. GishPuppy – A very simple and functional e-mail disposable service. But beware GishPuppy does not replace your real address with a disposable one.
  5. Mailinator – You can use any e-mail address and pick up the mail at their site. There is no connection to you e-mail address, so you will not be getting spam, however all mail is made public.
  6. Emailias – Another compacted feature disposable e-mail services that provides good protection against spam.
  7. ZoEmail – Disposable e-mail service, but it lacks IMAP access limited online storage.
  8. 10 Minute Mail – Provides you a temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes only.
  9. Disposable-Mail– Another services that gives you a temporary e-mail for 15 minutes.