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News: Tax Rebate for 2007

Bush announced today that an individual tax player with the income of 75,000 will receive $600, while a working couple with a combined income of $150,000 or less would get a $1,200 tax rebate. In a more recent article, it was stated that the check should come in as soon as May, and in was stated that the amounts got lowered from $800 to $600 as well as the $1500 to $1200. This was more families will able to get receive a tax rebate. The rebate should be automatic, but it’s a good thing to bring up to your accountant when doing taxes. Also, if you will be claiming a dependent in your taxes your will be receiving another $300 for each person. If you are above the income mentioned, you will still receive a rebate but of a smaller amount depending on difference.

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