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Another Site Hacked

Recently another site has been hacked Webby’s World. It has been happen quite often and I see sites being hacked every day. What measures to take to protect yourself and your site?

First lets talk about using Gmail and the information you keep there. People tend to keep the most private information in their inboxes. A new way that hackers have found ways to gain control of Gmail is by sending you spam and if opened it adds a filter in Gmail that fowards your incoming mail and even your outgoing mail to the hacker’s email. That’s exactly what happened to David Airey and you can read about his situation more on his site, and what he did to get back his site.

If you use Gmail, I would recommend that you check your filters regularly because you never know when it can happen. If it does happen write all the information that’s there, delete it, change all your passwords (not just your Gmail’s or on your blog/site, but all even your bank account information if you do on-line banking), and then send an email to Gmail with the information and let them know what is happening.

Other useful tips:
1. ALWAYS back up your site/blog.
2. NEVER give out your IP Address or your passwords.
3. Make sure that you update your blog platform when WordPress or any other blog services releases a new patch because they are mostly to patch up security issues.
4. A lot of people don’t think about this, but choose your hosting service very carefully. There are a lot of services that give great deals and all, but they might not offer good security measures, which outweighs all the other features.
5. Make sure all the scripts are updated, and don’t install Frontpage Extension if it’s not needed.
6. Do not download any programs that you don’t know what it is or haven’t checked it with a virus scanner. (You can use Jotti’s Online Scanner besides your home scanner).