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How-To: Take the Chill Out of Winter Heating Costs

While you can’t control the winter weather, you can take steps to control your winter heating costs, and make your home warmer and more energy efficient.

 Doors and Windows

  • Use weather stripping to seal up cracks and stop drafts on windows and doorframes.
  • Use caulking to seal around gaps in windows and door glass.
  • Install storm doors if you have them.
  • Consider replacing older windows with newer, more efficient models.


  • Add or replace attic insulation as necessary. Proper attic insulation is essential for keeping your house warm and saving energy.
  • Ad foam insulation to electrical outlets and switches on external walls. (Turn OFF your power first!).

Heating System

  • Clean or change furnace filters regularly throughout the heating season.
  • Clean vents and other heating system components.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to adjust temperature according to your daily and weekend schedule.

 Chimney and Fireplace

  • Have the chimney and fireplace checked and cleaned by a professional.
  • Repair or replace poorly fitting fireplace dampers that allow warm air to escape.