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Gmail’s New Custom Time Messages April Fool’s Joke

Hahaha 🙂 Got to love Gmail. No April Fool’s Day is complete without Gmail’s pranks. I actually got excited that they have this new features, it’s really cool. But they crashed my hopes when I realized it was April 1st, realizing it’s a prank.It’s a great idea if they actually do incorporate it into Gmail. It would definitely save a lot of people from getting in trouble, especially at work. Good prank overall. Post the prank you guys did to your family, friends, and co-workers.


Share Your Gmail Story

Gmail just posted on their site asking for its users to make videos on why Gmail is important in their lives. The Gmail developers want you to share your special story of Gmail. Many have been about keeping in touch with your partner that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you (I know it has helped me out a lot for my long distance relationship). So if you feel like sharing your Gmail story, log on to your Gmail account after you make a video under 30 seconds (This is were Camtasia Studio come in handy J), and upload it so Gmail can watch it.