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Gmail: iPhone and Shotcut Update

Today Gmail announced a new look for the iPhone browser. The new features are: auto refreshing, auto complete when composing, and it loads faster when viewing mail. Furthermore, when you set up Gmail on your iPhone, Gmail will be converted from POP to IMAP. IMAP means that the iPhone access to Gmail and the web access are synced together, and each show which mail has been read, deleted, archived, etc. This also means that the message deleted on the iPhone will be moved to the trash on the web Gmail and deleted after 30 days, so be very careful when doing such a thing.


Now moving on to the Gmail shortcut update. Gmail added a new shortcut key that is for archiving mails. Until now Gmail did not have a shortcut for archiving (a bit strange since they have shortcut keys for everything else). Anyway the shortcut key is “e”.