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Free Text Messaging Around the World

I’ve been a T-Mobile user for a quite a long time, and I loved it because it was the only mobile service that offered a package for international texting. It was a great package since I have a lot of friends and relatives in Europeand it was cheap to text them. Couple of years ago, T-Mobile got rid of the international texting package, and every time I texted and received a message I got charged 35 cents, which by the end of the month added up to a lot of dollars since I did it frequently. That’s until I came across, provides free PC-to-mobile texting. offers free texting around the world without charging you a international message fee. I know for a fact you can text anywhere because there is no other service that will allow you to text to Macedonia or Serbia in Europefor free. You can set up an account with 3Jam or you can use their quick way to send a SMS free of charge. Once you have sent an SMS to your friend, he/she can reply to message received from 3Jam to answer you back. 3Jam gives you the feature of making conversations with your friends. You can also add 3Jam to your facebook for a faster way to text.
(USA) If you have a regular message plan, like me, where you have a certain amount of message per month then each message received or sent from your mobile by 3Jam will be counted toward you monthly message available. There will be no international message charge. Now I’m not sure exactly how it goes for the rest of the countries since I live in the US, but leave comments if you know to help our readers out.