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How to reduce mental decline and dibilitating diseases

Most people keep a certain diet or go to the gym to keep their body healthy. However, the package will not be complete if they don’t exercise their brain. This is where Fit Brains comes into play. Fit Brains is a free service that has selected games for its registered users to play, so they can increase their brain activity and FBi (Fit Brain Index). Their main goal is to provide “brain exercise that is fun, engaging, and personalized.”

I registered few hours ago, and I have been playing their games ever since. Fit Brain is adding more games as the days go by, but the ones they have now are great, fun, and entertaining.

As you play the games and progress through each level Fit Brains provides you will small tips on how to keep healthy, reduce stress, and take small steps toward preventing Alzheimer’s. They have provided a whole section on the research connecting the games and brain activity improvement based on it. You just have to register and start playing. Have fun improving your brain :)!

Fit Brains

Get Free Software for Playing Games

Don’t you just wish you can get cool, new software for free? Well Microsoft will give you free software for test playing their games. But as always there is a “but,” you can only participate once every two months, and you have to be chosen from hundreds of people that will be participating. Personally even if I do have to wait, I think that the experience is quite worth it. You don’t have to be an expert in games or even own an Xbox to be chosen for the game participation. You just have to complete the enrollment survey for them to contact you when they will have an opening to be able to participate. Once you have play tested a game for Microsoft, do not forget to fill out a shipment for free software to be sent to you as gratitude.

Microsoft: Playtest