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CD/DVD: Cycling Redundancy Check Error

What is CRC? The CRC error shows up when your CD/DVD driver can not read the data on the disk. This happens because the disk could be damaged, have scratches or smudges, or it’s bad quality. It can also mean that there is a problem with your CD/DVD driver. I’ve been trying to back up a DVD for the last two days without any success. I started of by trying to clean the DVD with several different methods. When that did not work, I tried AnyDVD, Nero, CloneDVD, and many other programs to make a copy of the DVD, and I also tried just coping the files to my hard drives with out any prevail. Let me move on to how to over come this error.

First Method: Cleaning Your CD/DVD (YouTube video)

(If this method doesn’t work, then you can check out the other videos on the Related Video section to try other methods to clean it).

Second Method: Software (Freeware) Programs
SmartRipper – a freeware program that’s outdated, but it does a really good job in DVD ripping. SmartRipper is a Dvd Vob extractor, and its last and final version is 2.41.

Doom9 – This site offers a great and easy to follow tutorial on SmartRipper. It also lets you know where to download an ASPI layer, which is essential to use SmartRipper.

DvdFab Decrypter – a freeware software that lets you copy the whole DVD, while removing all the protection. It comes with full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support.

It really depends on how much data of the disk is damaged. If you have lets say 5% data damaged, most likely SmartRipper will skip it and be able to put it on your hard drive. Unfortunately, most of my DVD is damaged ( approx. 85%), so I won’t be able to back it up.