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Google’s Two Other Pranks

Google had two more pranks on top 2008-04-01_125536.jpgof the New Custom Time Messages. The other two pranks are gDay with MATE and Google Wake Up Kit.  gDay with Mate is an advanced search engine from which you can select one day in advance search option. It’s the search engine of the future. After giving a lengthy explanation of the gDay technology and how the internet will look, once you click the link to get started Google lets you know it was all a practical joke and how you can send it tcal.jpgo you friends to get them too. I actually didn’t fall for this prank or the Wake Up Kit that I will write about bellow, but I did fall for the Custom Time Messages,  sadly it was a feature I actually looked forward to it.

Anyway the Wake Up Kit is a relentless wake up notification from Google Calander to get you up from bed if you have problems waking up. If the person is not woken up by the sms they will receive from Google, then more extreme measures will be taken. For instance, a bed-flipping device to finally wake the person up. Hehehehe, Google is hilarious.They did really good pranks this year for April Fool’s day.

iGoogle – Select a Theme

If you are a frequent user of iGoogle or even have it set as your homepage then you noticed that the website is only white. After a while it can get pretty dull and you might want to change it up a little bit, adding more colors to it. iGoogle added a feature from which you can select a theme. They have quite a few good themes from outer space pictures, to landscapes, to your horoscope sign.


One of there reasons for choosing a theme is to change your internet routine a little bit. It will be a fresh new view for once instead of looking at the white page over and over each day. It will make iGoogle a bit more interesting rather then dull by the second.Another reason is that by choosing darker colors, you give your eyes a rest. Most of the websites and blogs you visit have light or white designs, which will strain the eyes from the brigthness. Adding more darker colors it will even it out and relax them, while reading and looking up information in the iGoogle page. So spending a few minutes choosing the right theme for you is not so bad after all.

Earth Hour – March 29th 8 p.m.


The World Wildlife Fund created the event Earth Hour. Today (March 29th) at 8 p.m. WWF is hoping that everyone will turn of there lights to make a statement about the climate change. Since the first appearance of it in 2007 in Australia, this even has gone world wide and more then 200 cities with top corporations and business will be participating.

Furthermore, Google has changed it’s website from a white background to a black one to represent the turning off the lights at the Google corporation. They stated they could not actually turn off the lights, but they are supporting this even a 100%. They stated it was a very important cause, just like most of us will. So tonight at 8pm (your local time) turn off your lights for an hour, and join the Earth Hour for this important cause.


First off, I want to apologize for not updating the blog for quite a while now. I was sick for a whole week, and as soon as I got better I had a lot of exams crammed at the same time. I’ll try to update the blog more often, but I’m not making any promises since now it is the busiest time at school.

Anyway, moving on. This post is about, which is a social network instant messenger. The difference between and all the other instant messengers out there is that this one not only offers the regular MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, or AOL, but it is specifically designed for Facebook. Once you have downloaded the Win/Mac version (it also runs on Lunix and Meebo) and installed it, you will put in your facebook email and password, allowing you to connect to all your friends on facebook. If you have friends that don’t have, you can send them an invitation to ask them to join you on is a very simple im application with a friendly user based interface. It’s worth a try.

Watch who’s watching you — with Google.

I came across this blog few days ago that shows you tips on how to find out who has Googled you, accessed your YouTube account, and much more. It’s a very interesting article and worth reading about. The author gives very clear instructions how to do each specific goal to learn who has been watching you. Besides being interested in finding out who has interest in you, it’s a good way to protect yourself. Here is a quick snapshot of what the author has written.

A few tips here on how to use google to keep track of who is keeping track of you. Keep a blog? Have pictures up? Have a unique name? You might not know who is using your stuff (or your reputation). Here’s some hints… These techniques will allows you to take the vantage of the world looking inward at you, and see things you’d have never otherwise seen.

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