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Google’s Two Other Pranks

Google had two more pranks on top 2008-04-01_125536.jpgof the New Custom Time Messages. The other two pranks are gDay with MATE and Google Wake Up Kit.  gDay with Mate is an advanced search engine from which you can select one day in advance search option. It’s the search engine of the future. After giving a lengthy explanation of the gDay technology and how the internet will look, once you click the link to get started Google lets you know it was all a practical joke and how you can send it tcal.jpgo you friends to get them too. I actually didn’t fall for this prank or the Wake Up Kit that I will write about bellow, but I did fall for the Custom Time Messages,  sadly it was a feature I actually looked forward to it.

Anyway the Wake Up Kit is a relentless wake up notification from Google Calander to get you up from bed if you have problems waking up. If the person is not woken up by the sms they will receive from Google, then more extreme measures will be taken. For instance, a bed-flipping device to finally wake the person up. Hehehehe, Google is hilarious.They did really good pranks this year for April Fool’s day.

Gmail’s New Custom Time Messages April Fool’s Joke

Hahaha 🙂 Got to love Gmail. No April Fool’s Day is complete without Gmail’s pranks. I actually got excited that they have this new features, it’s really cool. But they crashed my hopes when I realized it was April 1st, realizing it’s a prank.It’s a great idea if they actually do incorporate it into Gmail. It would definitely save a lot of people from getting in trouble, especially at work. Good prank overall. Post the prank you guys did to your family, friends, and co-workers.


Another Site Hacked

Recently another site has been hacked Webby’s World. It has been happen quite often and I see sites being hacked every day. What measures to take to protect yourself and your site?

First lets talk about using Gmail and the information you keep there. People tend to keep the most private information in their inboxes. A new way that hackers have found ways to gain control of Gmail is by sending you spam and if opened it adds a filter in Gmail that fowards your incoming mail and even your outgoing mail to the hacker’s email. That’s exactly what happened to David Airey and you can read about his situation more on his site, and what he did to get back his site.

If you use Gmail, I would recommend that you check your filters regularly because you never know when it can happen. If it does happen write all the information that’s there, delete it, change all your passwords (not just your Gmail’s or on your blog/site, but all even your bank account information if you do on-line banking), and then send an email to Gmail with the information and let them know what is happening.

Other useful tips:
1. ALWAYS back up your site/blog.
2. NEVER give out your IP Address or your passwords.
3. Make sure that you update your blog platform when WordPress or any other blog services releases a new patch because they are mostly to patch up security issues.
4. A lot of people don’t think about this, but choose your hosting service very carefully. There are a lot of services that give great deals and all, but they might not offer good security measures, which outweighs all the other features.
5. Make sure all the scripts are updated, and don’t install Frontpage Extension if it’s not needed.
6. Do not download any programs that you don’t know what it is or haven’t checked it with a virus scanner. (You can use Jotti’s Online Scanner besides your home scanner).

FUSER – Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Fuser targets simplifying life by unifying your multiple email accounts on their servers. You can add as many as you want email accounts into your Fuser inbox, which are stored in a highly secure. It supports many social networks including Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, SquirrelMail, and Exchange. If you network is not supported, you can write to Fuser so they make it available as soon as possible. Also, none of the messages are stored in Fuser, everything that you delete from your email account it also gets deleted in Fuser.


Gmail: iPhone and Shotcut Update

Today Gmail announced a new look for the iPhone browser. The new features are: auto refreshing, auto complete when composing, and it loads faster when viewing mail. Furthermore, when you set up Gmail on your iPhone, Gmail will be converted from POP to IMAP. IMAP means that the iPhone access to Gmail and the web access are synced together, and each show which mail has been read, deleted, archived, etc. This also means that the message deleted on the iPhone will be moved to the trash on the web Gmail and deleted after 30 days, so be very careful when doing such a thing.


Now moving on to the Gmail shortcut update. Gmail added a new shortcut key that is for archiving mails. Until now Gmail did not have a shortcut for archiving (a bit strange since they have shortcut keys for everything else). Anyway the shortcut key is “e”.

Share Your Gmail Story

Gmail just posted on their site asking for its users to make videos on why Gmail is important in their lives. The Gmail developers want you to share your special story of Gmail. Many have been about keeping in touch with your partner that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you (I know it has helped me out a lot for my long distance relationship). So if you feel like sharing your Gmail story, log on to your Gmail account after you make a video under 30 seconds (This is were Camtasia Studio come in handy J), and upload it so Gmail can watch it.