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Find the Lowest Gas Price in Your Area

The gas prices are going up and down every 5 minutes. To keep up with their current prices as well as to find the lowest price possible, I listed few sites to help you with your search and save money. Here is the list:

GasBuddy– GasBuddy lets you search the entire United States as well as Canada for gas prices by you zip code or State/Providence.


GWP – Gas Watch Price is a service that offers the same map looking for lowest gas prices, but it lets mobile users download the gas watch price program for their mobile, so you can look for them on the go.

MSN– MSN Local Gas Prices lets you view the gas stations around you by entering your zip code. It lets you know what is the lowest, average, and highest price. Also, it gives you the address of each gas stations so you can find them.


MapQuest – It is similar to the other services, but it also has a gas price calculator that lets you figure out how much money you will be spending on gas if you are taking trips or for your regular commute.

FuelEconomy – Another similar service, but it’s ran by the government.