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Gmail’s New Custom Time Messages April Fool’s Joke

Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Got to love Gmail. No April Fool’s Day is complete without Gmail’s pranks. I actually got excited that they have this new features, it’s really cool. But they crashed my hopes when I realized it was April 1st, realizing it’s a prank.It’s a great idea if they actually do incorporate it into Gmail. It would definitely save a lot of people from getting in trouble, especially at work. Good prank overall. Post the prank you guys did to your family, friends, and co-workers.


FUSER – Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Fuser targets simplifying life by unifying your multiple email accounts on their servers. You can add as many as you want email accounts into your Fuser inbox, which are stored in a highly secure. It supports many social networks including Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, SquirrelMail, and Exchange. If you network is not supported, you can write to Fuser so they make it available as soon as possible. Also, none of the messages are stored in Fuser, everything that you delete from your email account it also gets deleted in Fuser.


9 Free Disposable E-Mail Services

Just wanted to post few free e-mail services that you guys can use to prevent getting spam in your regular inbox. Usually after the registration process you enter your real e-mail where everything will be forwarded, and as soon as you see what disposable email spams your inbox then you can cancel it.

  1. Spamgourmet – A feature-rich and flexible disposable e-mail services that leaves your inbox well protected from spam.
  2. Spamex โ€“ It comes in right after Spamgourment only because it has few features missing that Spamgourment has.
  3. 2 Prong โ€“ A disposable e-mail service that is for one-time use and without the feature to reply.
  4. GishPuppy โ€“ A very simple and functional e-mail disposable service. But beware GishPuppy does not replace your real address with a disposable one.
  5. Mailinator โ€“ You can use any e-mail address and pick up the mail at their site. There is no connection to you e-mail address, so you will not be getting spam, however all mail is made public.
  6. Emailias โ€“ Another compacted feature disposable e-mail services that provides good protection against spam.
  7. ZoEmail โ€“ Disposable e-mail service, but it lacks IMAP access limited online storage.
  8. 10 Minute Mail – Provides you a temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes only.
  9. Disposable-Mailโ€“ Another services that gives you a temporary e-mail for 15 minutes.