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Free Disk Defragment Programs

As you all know that disk defragment to your computer is the most important thing to prevent it from slowing down, freeze-ups, and the worst, system crashes. So to prevent these situations I listed the two well known disk defragmenters, which are free of course to help you take care of your computer better.

Auslogics Disk Defrag – This disk defragmenter was designed to keep your machine in top healthy shape. It is even compatible with Vista as well as Windows XP/2000/2003, 32-bit and 64-bit and dual-core CPU. With it’s fast optimizations and simple, friendly user interface, it will be the perfect disk defragmenter you are looking for, and it’s free too.


JkDefrag – I do have to admit this application has the ugliest interface ever! Also, it does not have any buttons or controls. Once you have downloaded JkDefrag (only comes in with a zip) and have unziped it then you have the choice of using it with a command line or the windows application. With the command line you have to press numbers for it to carry out the job. With the windows application once you have double clicked on the icon then it automatically starts it’s job. The reason I like this defragmenter is because there is not installation required, and it does it’s job pretty well and fast, too.


(Don’t judge a book by its cover!)