Quick Tip on Safely Removing Hardware

Usually when a flash drive, digital camera, iPod, or printer is connected to you computer, you have to click on the Safely Remove Hardware then find the USB port, select it and click Stop. Here is a quick tip so you don’t waste time.

  1. Go to the Safely Remove Icon Tray (bottom right corner on the taskbar)
  2. Right Click it then,
  3. Left Click it  (one after the other)
  4. A list will show up of what you have connected to you computer
  5. Click on the one you want disconnected


It’s a very simple tip, while saving you a lot of time. it will take you less then 5 seconds to disconnect the external device you no longer need.

2 comments so far

  1. how to prevent installation on

    I’ve always just yanked whatever is plugged in. Never, ever hd a problem. Shouldn’t be either unless it’s a flash drive that’s currently being written to, etc. Just wait for it to finish, then pull it out.

  2. ehacks on

    Yes that’s true. But you have to wait for any device to finish working before removing, and you have to use the safely remove hardware to disconnect your iPod. I use it even for flash drives, better to be safe then sorry.

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