First off, I want to apologize for not updating the blog for quite a while now. I was sick for a whole week, and as soon as I got better I had a lot of exams crammed at the same time. I’ll try to update the blog more often, but I’m not making any promises since now it is the busiest time at school.

Anyway, moving on. This post is about, which is a social network instant messenger. The difference between and all the other instant messengers out there is that this one not only offers the regular MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, or AOL, but it is specifically designed for Facebook. Once you have downloaded the Win/Mac version (it also runs on Lunix and Meebo) and installed it, you will put in your facebook email and password, allowing you to connect to all your friends on facebook. If you have friends that don’t have, you can send them an invitation to ask them to join you on is a very simple im application with a friendly user based interface. It’s worth a try.

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