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FUSER – Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Fuser targets simplifying life by unifying your multiple email accounts on their servers. You can add as many as you want email accounts into your Fuser inbox, which are stored in a highly secure. It supports many social networks including Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, SquirrelMail, and Exchange. If you network is not supported, you can write to Fuser so they make it available as soon as possible. Also, none of the messages are stored in Fuser, everything that you delete from your email account it also gets deleted in Fuser.


Best Freeware Adventure Games 2007

I’ve been looking to find free and interesting games, and that’s when I came across IndieGames. has piled up a list of the best adventurous games of 2007 that are free. You go from being a detective and solving crimes to a person stranded on an island after losing your ship. If you have free time or teenagers then it’s worth checking out this list of freeware games. The games are not only available in Windows, but Mac and Lunix as well.


The list of the games:
1. Fedora Spade
2. Covert Front
3. Anika’s Odyssey
4. Rorschach
5. The Infinity String
6. Fate by Numbers
7. Masq
8. Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine
9. A Tale of Two Kingdoms
10. Ben Jordan Case 6
11. Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy
12. Passage
13. Soup ver 0.9
14. Rückblende (Flashback)
15. The Adventures of Cagney
16. What Makes You Tick
17. Stranded 2
18. Menulis and Miestas
19. Thule Trail
20. Fighting Fantasy Project


More then 6,500 Free Fonts


TypeNow is a service that offers free fonts with the total amount of 6,846. The service has provided a variety of categories that are based on that fonts being made for films, books, presentations, articles, and dingbats. Also, they have all been alphabetically categorized if you would prefer to view all the fonts together. TypeNow has also posted tutorials to help you install the fonts in Windows and Mac if you have not done it before.


Maxthon Browser

Maxthon with the slogan “The way we surf the world” is a new browser based on Internet Explorer, but with many new features. I should correct myself, Maxthon is not new, but the new version came out in 2007, which made it more well known. It’s a highly customized interface that has a powerful tabbing feature, anti-freeze, smart acceleration, feed reader, ad hunter, screen capture,  and much more. If you are an Internet Explorer user and you have vowed never to switch over to Firefox or another browser, you might want to considered giving Maxthon a try. It’s basically IE, but with richer quality and more powerful tools.


(Image of the Classical Maxthon)
(Image of the New Maxthon)

Process Explorer v11.04 Freeware

I’ve been looking for quite a while a program that explains more clearly the process that my computer is running, and to be able to kill each task from the program instead of using Taskmanager. Process Explorer is a freeware from Microsoft TechNet that is compatible with Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003, and 64-bit versions of Windows for x64 and IA64 processors, and Windows Vista. It clearly shows you where each process comes from and you can kill it or do a kill process tree just like in the taskmanager. It’s a step further then taskmanager since you can explore each process more in depth, hence the name Explorer. It also distinguishes the Windows processes from your own applications by using pink highlight color for Windows and the blue color for the applications.


Process Explorer

Project Management Book Free

The Project Management book is part of the Project Management Kit, which is used to gain information to deliver projects with the specifications required and budgets in a timely manner. The ebook goes step by step to guide you to a successful management of a project, and producing the best results of that project. It’s a very interesting book that any manager or a leader in a company should read.

Project Management Guidebook 

AntiFreeze Your Computer

AntiFreeze is a free program that when your computer becomes unresponsive and freezes it will stop all the processes working. Once they have been stopped, you can kill all task processes that are using too much CPU or memory. Now you are thinking that’s why Windows has the TaskManger for that, but I’m sure that there have been a lot of times that when you computer has freezed so bad that even the task manager couldn’t be accessed.


This is where AntiFreeze offers a solution. AntiFreeze is a utility with a very small footprint, sitting in your tray, waiting for you to press the hotkey combination (ALT+CTRL+WIN+HOME by default). You should use it only in emergency situations; consider it an alternative for the reset button.



In a previous post, I wrote about an online docx converter. Today I’m going to write about a similar product. Docx2Rtf is a free application that goes one step further then just being a docx converter. This application not only converts docx files, but it also converts OpenOffice .sxw and .odt files.


Of course this application is not perfect since it converts into an .rtf file and you might lose few headings and formatting, but it does a pretty decent job. It can also convert the .docx and .odt files to PDF format, and its latest edition supports reading and converting ebooks that were stored in the PalmOS database (.pdb) and the Aportis (.pdc) format. 


Find the Lowest Gas Price in Your Area

The gas prices are going up and down every 5 minutes. To keep up with their current prices as well as to find the lowest price possible, I listed few sites to help you with your search and save money. Here is the list:

GasBuddy– GasBuddy lets you search the entire United States as well as Canada for gas prices by you zip code or State/Providence.


GWP – Gas Watch Price is a service that offers the same map looking for lowest gas prices, but it lets mobile users download the gas watch price program for their mobile, so you can look for them on the go.

MSN– MSN Local Gas Prices lets you view the gas stations around you by entering your zip code. It lets you know what is the lowest, average, and highest price. Also, it gives you the address of each gas stations so you can find them.


MapQuest – It is similar to the other services, but it also has a gas price calculator that lets you figure out how much money you will be spending on gas if you are taking trips or for your regular commute.

FuelEconomy – Another similar service, but it’s ran by the government.

Getting Your Documents Notarized For Free

A service like lets you find a person closest to you to notarize your documents. The search is free, but you have to pay for the notarizing your documents. There are other simple ways to get your documents notarized for free.

  1. Take a trip to your bank and ask them politely if they could notarize your documents.
  2. If you have a real estate office in your neighborhood pay them a visit. Most likely the broker of the office will be certified to notarize or you might find an agent that is certified.
  3. Go to your county’s attorney or any Clerk’s office for that matter of fact.

Some tips:

  1. Make sure that if the documents are in another language other then English, you get them translated and you can presented to the notarizer.
  2. Make sure that if you have more then one page of the document that will be notarized that they are stapled because the stamp goes only where the signature is.
  3. If you do decide to pay a professional then know that they charge for the ride to your home as well and the printing. They usually charge $3 or $4 every 5-6 minutes, which they consider an increment.