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First I posted about automatically adding lyrics to your portable media player. Now I’m gonna tell you about a freeware that will automate the rest of your computer. AutoHotkey is an open source macro for Windows that lets you not only to have autotext, but hotkeys for your keyboard, mouse, and joystick. With just following the tutorials on their site, you can make simple macros that will help make everything much easier to access because of the hotkeys. The autotext also improves your productivity by finishing your sentences and saving you time. AutoHotkey has a Window Spy feature that records what site, programs, or applications you visit making it easier to make hotkeys for each and everyone of them based on the rank of usage.


Sync Your Toys

Today most of us connect our digital cameras, cellphones, PDAs, portable media players, etc. to out laptops or desktops. Microsoft has made SyncToy, a freeware, to help Window users for a quicker way of moving, deleting, copying, and renaming files between computers and folders. SyncToy is able to manage the usage of multiple folders at a time, which saves a lot of time in the long run compared to going back and forth your taskbar to change folders. It also combines files from different folders into one with a simple click, while it can delete or  rename other files in a completely different folder. Its a must for your computer, which will save you a lot of time and frustration in the end.


SyncToys v2.0 Beta 

EvilLyrics – Freeware

There is a great feature in the iPod, which is to add lyrics so you can read them when you listen to the song. However, for this to be done you would have had to manually upload all your lyrics for your song. If the capacity of your iPod was full, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to manually put 10,000 (more or less) lyrics to your songs. That’s were EvilLyrics comes in. This freeware program allows you to automatically upload lyrics to your iPod for each song you have.

EvilLyrics is not only compatible with iTunes, but Winamp, Windows Media Player, Music Match, Foobar, MediaMonkey, XMPlay, Album Player, Real Player, and much more. You can find how to set up each one to be compatible with EvilLyrics, which you can then use to synchronize your iPod. It has other cool features like translating the lyrics in other languages, searching for guitar chords, and searching for cover albums and posters. Say good-bye to the old days wasting your time adding lyrics to your iPod with EvilLyrics. Now you have an easy and simple way of adding lyrics to your iPod automatically.