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FUSER – Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Fuser targets simplifying life by unifying your multiple email accounts on their servers. You can add as many as you want email accounts into your Fuser inbox, which are stored in a highly secure. It supports many social networks including Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, SquirrelMail, and Exchange. If you network is not supported, you can write to Fuser so they make it available as soon as possible. Also, none of the messages are stored in Fuser, everything that you delete from your email account it also gets deleted in Fuser.


Best Freeware Adventure Games 2007

I’ve been looking to find free and interesting games, and that’s when I came across IndieGames. has piled up a list of the best adventurous games of 2007 that are free. You go from being a detective and solving crimes to a person stranded on an island after losing your ship. If you have free time or teenagers then it’s worth checking out this list of freeware games. The games are not only available in Windows, but Mac and Lunix as well.


The list of the games:
1. Fedora Spade
2. Covert Front
3. Anika’s Odyssey
4. Rorschach
5. The Infinity String
6. Fate by Numbers
7. Masq
8. Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine
9. A Tale of Two Kingdoms
10. Ben Jordan Case 6
11. Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy
12. Passage
13. Soup ver 0.9
14. Rückblende (Flashback)
15. The Adventures of Cagney
16. What Makes You Tick
17. Stranded 2
18. Menulis and Miestas
19. Thule Trail
20. Fighting Fantasy Project


More then 6,500 Free Fonts


TypeNow is a service that offers free fonts with the total amount of 6,846. The service has provided a variety of categories that are based on that fonts being made for films, books, presentations, articles, and dingbats. Also, they have all been alphabetically categorized if you would prefer to view all the fonts together. TypeNow has also posted tutorials to help you install the fonts in Windows and Mac if you have not done it before.