AntiFreeze Your Computer

AntiFreeze is a free program that when your computer becomes unresponsive and freezes it will stop all the processes working. Once they have been stopped, you can kill all task processes that are using too much CPU or memory. Now you are thinking that’s why Windows has the TaskManger for that, but I’m sure that there have been a lot of times that when you computer has freezed so bad that even the task manager couldn’t be accessed.


This is where AntiFreeze offers a solution. AntiFreeze is a utility with a very small footprint, sitting in your tray, waiting for you to press the hotkey combination (ALT+CTRL+WIN+HOME by default). You should use it only in emergency situations; consider it an alternative for the reset button.



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  1. DeeDee on

    This could be a very useful program, still haven’t tried this particular one, but the last one I was using saved me from a lot of troubles. I had some Trojan Downloader who was blocking my Internet connection trying to download spyware on my computer, was also somehow blocking my firewalls, and was doing damage to my computer making it slow and corrupted. The antispywares I tried to download didn’t really work, so all I did was to find a little program like this one and killed all processes running (including the ones the task manager cannot detect od user level, therefore including the spyware itself). I dont know if this program can do that, but anyway, as I said I saved my hdd from formatting and Windows reinstalling. I would definetly try this one too.

    Thank you eHacks!

  2. DeeDee on

    by the way, could you tell us where to download? is it free?

  3. ehacks on

    Sorry guys, I forgot to put the link. I edited the post and I added it. Or just paste this in your address bar:

    Thanks for the comment, let me know if it works.

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