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Browse Happy. Worry-Free


Browse Happy is a website that educates internet users why Internet Explorer is unsafe and why it should not be used. Each day it shows new testimonials from people that have gotten rid of IE and have switched to another internet browser. It doesn’t promote just Firefox, but all other browser like Opera, Mozilla, and Safari.  It gives detailed reviews for each browser, so you can make a choice to pick the browser that will best fit your internet surfing.

 Browse Happy

6 Usefull Firefox Bookmark Add-ons


1. DéjàClick – A Firefox Bookmark add-on as well as a web recorder. You have the choice to record and bookmark your browser activities or just to bookmark them. If you record then you can replay the sequence all over with only a simple click.

DéjàClick features include:

  • One-button recording and bookmarking
  • Toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • Sidebar with replay results and property editing
  • Statusbar with record/replay status information
  • Action and Event keyword validation
  • Optional AlertSite Business Transaction Monitor integration

2. Online Bookmark Manager – StartAid – This extension allows you to access all your personal online bookmarks from within your Firefox browser on several computers. There is no synchronization needed because the bookmarks are used in real time. No Bookmarks will ever be lost because they are all saved online. This extension is for, requiring an account.

3. Shareacholic – Shareaholic makes it easy for you to share bookmarks and e-mail links with ease. You can share the page your view easily with digg,, Facebook, friendfeed, google bookmarks, magnolia, mixx, reddit, simpy, stumbleupon, truemors, tumblr, and twitter. You can also see how many times the web page you’re on has been dugg or saved to

4. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – Is a similar extension as the Online Bookmark Manager. You can use it to synchronize all your bookmarks that you have on several computers so you have everything together. A very simple application that lets you log in to to manage your bookmarks from any computer.



5. HyperBK – A Bookmark extension that offers automatic classification and History enhancement. It offers automatic categorization of visited pages to a bookmark category, while matching it with the History when viewed. Other features include offline backup of bookmarked pages and page thumbnails.


6. Trailfire – With this add-on you bookmark your pages by leaving notes right there on page, link all your notes in a trail. These trails let you guide people on the Web, while they are allowed to comment on your trails and even add new marked pages (when you let them.)

Free text-to-speech app: vozMe

vozMe is a free web application that allows text-to-speech conversion in a convenient way. For webmasters you have the possibility to download vozMe, and use it to add voice to your website. You can also added it as an iGoogle gadget to personalize your Google page. You just have to type or paste text into the web form, and then click on “Create Mp3.” A new window will pop out with the option to listen to the mp3 or to download it.


9 Free Disposable E-Mail Services

Just wanted to post few free e-mail services that you guys can use to prevent getting spam in your regular inbox. Usually after the registration process you enter your real e-mail where everything will be forwarded, and as soon as you see what disposable email spams your inbox then you can cancel it.

  1. Spamgourmet – A feature-rich and flexible disposable e-mail services that leaves your inbox well protected from spam.
  2. Spamex – It comes in right after Spamgourment only because it has few features missing that Spamgourment has.
  3. 2 Prong – A disposable e-mail service that is for one-time use and without the feature to reply.
  4. GishPuppy – A very simple and functional e-mail disposable service. But beware GishPuppy does not replace your real address with a disposable one.
  5. Mailinator – You can use any e-mail address and pick up the mail at their site. There is no connection to you e-mail address, so you will not be getting spam, however all mail is made public.
  6. Emailias – Another compacted feature disposable e-mail services that provides good protection against spam.
  7. ZoEmail – Disposable e-mail service, but it lacks IMAP access limited online storage.
  8. 10 Minute Mail – Provides you a temporary e-mail address for 10 minutes only.
  9. Disposable-Mail– Another services that gives you a temporary e-mail for 15 minutes.