Qtrax: World’s First Free and Legal P2P Music Site


Qtrax Beta is the first peer-to-peer digital site that will be offering free and LEGAL music downloads. There is no adware, spyware, or spoofing. All you need is to download Qtrax as soon as it becomes available. It says on the site “download at midnight,” and I’m not sure if that’s the only available time to download it on any day or it will start of from the midnight coming up?!?!? However, Qtrax has clearly stated that Mac users will be able to download the P2P on March 18, so mark it on your calenders Mac users.


Windows XP, Vista Requirements:

› 733 MHz Pentium III CPU (Recommended: 1.5 GHz Pentium IV or comparable)
› At least 256 MB of physical RAM (Recommended: 512 MB)
› At least 40 MB of available space on your hard drive
› 16 bit sound card (Recommended: 32 bit Sound Card)
› Speakers or headphones

Qtrax Beta

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