How-To: Retrieve Your Windows or Microsoft Office Product Key

I just wanted to post three freeware tools that I know that you guys can use in case you want to retrieve your Microsoft Office or Windows key from the program in case you have lost your CD with the product key. You could go through the long process of contacting Microsoft for retrieving your key or you can use these freeware utilities to get it in a second.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder – is a freeware utility that retrieves your product key that was used to register your Windows operating system or Microsoft Office Suite. It works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007.

WinkeyFinder – is a website that offers several different freeware utilities to help you find not only your Office product key, but Vista’s product key. Beware: they have reported bugs and are still in the process of being fixed, so the utilities are still not stable.

RockXP – is a freeware program that is specifically designed to retrieving your Windows XP product key, but it will retrieve other Microsoft’s product keys. It has received high ratings and it’s recommended by many users.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I have labored for two hours on a presentation, only to have it cancelled and lost because of some inexcusable crap from Microsoft Works.

    Microsoft Works is the pits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Phish on

    does anybody know how to retrieve the product key for Microsoft Office Word 2007 WITHOUT downloads, software, OR phone numbers? if u do, plz tell me

  3. ehacks on

    Sorry but i can’t help you, I know only the way to retrieve the product key with a software, requiring a download. Why can’t you download one of the programs, they are lightweight and will retrieve the key within seconds?

  4. Annicerq on

    nice work, guy

  5. Nik on

    I tried all of these and none of them found my Office 2003 key. they all found my Windows XP and microsoft works but none of them found the key i need. Got any Ideas?

  6. ehacks on

    Hummm…I just use the Magical Jelly Bean Finder key to all versions of the Office suites and I never had the problem with it. Does it show a number at all or it’s blank? Sorry, but I have never ran into this problem…is your Office original? If it’s not and there was a patch or something similar to register it you might not get a Product key.

  7. ABZ on


  8. babs on

    My mother purchased the MS Office online after her trial was over. however, she forgot to write down the product key and now we cant convert to the full version. How do I get that product key? (I was able to use jelly bean finder, but all it gave me was the trial product key)

  9. abc on

    yo you need to go to this website,
    it gives u an code 4 all ms!!

  10. adma on

    the product key didn’t work in
    i have the same problem i lost the number when i changed to vista and i downloaded a free microsoft 2003 now it is expired and my othe one is lost
    why the key they gave it didn’t work
    thank you

  11. cody carr on


  12. Ben on

    How i can get product key of Ms office 2007 of full version so that i can convert trial version into full version.
    Pls help me. …………

  13. B on

    ok were do i go to download the microsoft word for windows. i need the most up to date one.

  14. D on

    There’s also a paid product that does this at The advantage is that you also get technical support so that if the utility does not find your product key, there is a technician who can help you. Also, their product will find many other keys and can also find the key off of a non-booting hard drive.

  15. larry on

    works for me as of 11-11-08

  16. khaagii on

    hp product key please

  17. Ed on

    Larry – You are the MAN! Worked like a charm…thank you.

  18. travis on

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  19. arputha on

    I want the product key for microsoft office 2007 bought along with the model toshiba satellite A215-S5837

  20. Anonymous on

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  26. Mary on

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  27. RAY on

    Thanks Larry! Worked great! Should I never check for updates for Microsoft office? Will it identify that it is not a genuine copy?

  28. James Bond on

    Thankz.. Larry… You helped me a lot…

  29. Karrie on

    MAN! i must have came late it doesnt work for me.. I tried to enter this code at the Microsoft Office Validation screen? What do i do

  30. James on

    Larry you’re awesome. Thanks man

  31. Lisa on

    Thanks Larry you rock!!

  32. Ilovelarry on

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  33. ana on

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  34. GMJ on

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  35. Ruby on

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  38. Ryan on

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  39. step on

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  40. Anonymous on

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  41. sondukie on

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  42. sondukie on

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  43. Luchetti on

    is this product key for professional or student or what

  44. Anonymous on

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  45. GoGo on

    Hey it’s asking me to call and register. Should I resgister by phone or by internet?

  46. marquis on

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  47. Joe on

    Hey doesnt anyone have the product key for 2007 microsoft office ?? its trying to make me pay 300 dollars for one lol please write back

  48. Frank on

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  49. Lindsay on

    Larry I love you thank you so much I lost my code and almost didnt get to turn my project in on time so THANK YOU!

  50. Adam Ratcliffe on

    i desperately need my product key but i don’t know how to get it please help me

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  54. et on

    Thank you, Larry. There is so much confusion about the key product and neither Microsoft nor Toshiba will help me, the product was originally installed on the laptop.

    Anyway, thank you and happy holidays

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    thankssssss LARRYYY….worked like a charm!

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  58. debbie on

    product key ddy79-433jv-2rxgx-mqfqp-pfdh8 then activate online not by phone works a dream thanks larry

  59. Stephen on

    I only had 1 more trial time to open up, and I’m glad yours worked!!!
    Otherwise I would have downgraded to Windows 2003, which I DID NOT want to do!!

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    I have MS office 2003. Does anyone have the product key please. Thanks.

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  73. Steph on

    Woooooo thank uuuuuuu!!!! I would have had to pay over £100 for this programme!!! I had a product key on my laptop which I thought was office but apparently its not!! Yours worked brilliantly!!! 😀 Thank youuuuuu x

  74. Anonymous on

    Thanks Larry, still works.

  75. terrajane on

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  76. Fred on

    It worked within 5 minutes!! I had spent over 2 hours trying to find it and I read your post and problem solved. Thank you more than you know. Most appreciated!

  77. Anno on

    for starters magic jelly bean has spyware in it meening its not great. u want proof. instead of running it save it to destop and scan with an antivirus.
    if u have the trial version of microsoft office 7 then i suggest the following website. “”. it requires no downloading of simply changing the computor languange. u dont need to know computor language because the site explains wat to do step by step. the site hasnt tested its theory yet but i did and now i got a freakin microsoft office 7. no product key needed.

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  82. Shan on

    It says that enough people have registered with the product key I guess I was to late

  83. Marie on

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  84. Barry on

    Product Code For Microsoft Office

  85. Holly on

    Thank you Larry for that code! Worked for me too!

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  96. Vicki on

    Product Key for Microsoft Word 2002? I have the cd but no product key it came with PC that I no longer use but want toinstall on my new pc.. old one crashed got the blue death screen so could never recover it.

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  106. Janete on

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  107. Janete on

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  109. Bridget on

    Yay..Larry is so great! but……you still can’t activate this key because you get a message that says “Your copy cannot be activated because the product key has been used the maximum number of times permitted…”blah, blah, blah. You can use the Office programs, but and you will still get the warning each time you open it.

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  116. Raich on

    More praise for Larry here!
    I was halfway through an essay, saved and turned off word and it wouldn’t let me back on. Panicked and found this. Thanks 🙂

  117. deni on

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  118. Eddie on

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  128. lady on

    do anyone have the product key for microsoft office 07 ? larrys code didnt seem to work on my 07. Is it any difference using a trial-office from a office you have bought in a shop ?

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  130. Anonymous on

    worked great,thanks a lot

  131. ahmad khub on

    My windows info reads:

    Microsoft Windows XP
    Service Pack 3
    Registered Owner: Ahmad Khub
    Registered Organization:

    i got the product key but what i do not understand why is my Microsoft word not working on it can you pls explain.

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    just used Magic Jelly belly keyfinder and it worked great for everything, MS Office 2007, adobe, OS.

    very simple to install and use

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  154. April on

    my daughter has a little 8.5 Assus notebook. I am desperatly seeking the product code for microsoft word xp for home/student. she is only 12 and purchased the pc with her own money to use it for school. If you have a code so she can use microsoft, it would be greatly helpful and appreciated! thanks~ Miss A



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  179. Anonymous on

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  180. DIRE NEED of LARRY on

    Hi. Larry can you work your magic for too? I have the cd for 2003 but no product key. I try the one you provided but it doesn’t work for me. PLEASE HELP.

  181. DIRE NEED of LARRY on

    Hi. Larry please work your magic for me. I need a product key.

  182. Moo on

    Er, Larry’s appears to be a usable key for the home/student edition of Office 2007 (though I think it may work with other versions of office 2007).

    I sadly have office 2003 (Professional, but it may work with other editions as well) and was entirely screwed until I just found my product key which was almost lost forever (after I had wiped my hard drive due to a virus).
    Soooo for those of you with 03 still you can try this out for size: GWH28 – DGCMP – P6RC4 – 6J4MT – 3HFDY

    It worked for me the first time I had it and again just now when I wiped my drive so

  183. Jojo on

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    This is a working key for the office 2003 version:
    “GWH28 – DGCMP – P6RC4 – 6J4MT – 3HFDY”

    Er, Larry’s appears to be a usable key for the home/student edition of Office 2007 (though I think it may work with other versions of office 2007).

    I have 2003 proffessional and it works but it should work with home/student as well.

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  226. Pattersonweb on

    This works for MS Office 2003 – just tested. Good Luck to all!!
    for the CD Keys, try these:
    Office 2003:GWH28-DGCMP-P6RC4-6J4MT-3HFDY<–very popular key

  227. Pattersonweb on

    Mind you…only for MS Office 2003!!

  228. ques_c4 on

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  252. cindy sanders on

    i bought a dell inspiron computer a couple of months ago. it came with windows vista. i had vista removed after using it for a month and xp pro put on it. the guy that put it on for me said he could not download key when he installed my computer says copy of xp not valid. i checked xp copy the way microsoft said to check it and copy seems genuine. help!!

  253. mimi on

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    I havea office professional enterprise edition 2003 disc from grad school (6+ years ago). I have a new computer now, but lost my product key. Is there any way to retreive my code? The old computer is trashed.

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    You can try going into the windows files and opening the source code for microsoft office. In the file you might be able to find your cd key, thats how I back up all of my cd keys for my software.

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