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Stand By Vs. Hibernate

Stand By: A state in which the computer is put to save energy when you do not use it. Information is not saved to the hard disk, so if power goes out you will lose you work.

  • Advantages: quick turn on if immediate use is necessary.
  • Disadvantage if laptop: wastes battery life.

Hibernate: Your work is saved to the hard disk, and then Windows shuts down. When you turn on your computer back on, Windows returns to the saved settings.

  • Advantages: all your work will be saved without any worry about it, and saves battery life.
  • Disadvantages: doesn’t load as quickly as Stand By.

How-To:Enable Hibernation

(Windows) When you go to shut down your computer, you are given three choices: Stand By, Shut Down, or Restart. There isn’t an option to put your computer into Hibernation, but with this easy hack you’ll be able to hibernate your computer in a second.

How-To: Hibernate you computer 

  1. Click on START
  2. Go to > Shut Down
  3. Hold the SHIFT Key (Stand By will change to Hibernate)
  4. Click >Hibernate while still holding the SHIFT Key