The New iPhone Nano

I personally don’t think it is a smart move to have the new product of the iPhone Nano. It has half the space, no internet, and obviously a smaller screen size since it is a Nano. It’s a bad move on Apple’s side with this product, since the no internet feature will kill it. How do you guys feel about this?

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  1. jake on

    this has to be the most retarded idea apple could have come up with. where the F**K did apple find the guy who came up with this dumb idea. cant they actually come up with something original instead of just nano’ sizing there phone just like the ipod. who the hell would want this phone. the 3g iphone is already a couple hundred cheaper. You get what you pay for i guess….

  2. Joe on

    What do I think? I think this is a very crudly edited image done with the stamp tool 🙂

  3. none on

    i think this idea is pretty cool. it has the features a normal phone needs. music, a camera, texting, and calling. i even like it better that its smaller. i like the iphone nano

  4. josh on

    where can i buy this and what day will it come out on.

  5. […] dialled from behind. Source:Apple to launch the iPhone ‘nano’ in time for Christmas | Mail Online The New iPhone Nano eHacks | Toch geen iPhone nano Regards __________________ Attention to [E] Members: […]

  6. bajongo on

    This is fabricated. The entire idea of the iPhone is the data usage. And even though it would be awesome to have a cheaper iPhone, it aint gonna happen. That picture is clear just a photoshopped normal iPhone. It comes from a tech tabloid, not apple.

  7. patoe on

    retards there is no such thing as the iphone nano. Do u think dat they r goin’ 2 sell somethin’ dat is way worse than the actual iphone but just a little cheaper. oh and if this wuz real i’ll tell u dat it wouldnt cost below 100 bucks. NO PHONES DO!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous on

    I love the idea!!! when is it coming out in HK?? i’mma get it, hope they have it in white!! but they should have the internet option, i love the fact that it is smaller though!!!! ❤

  9. ukp on

    hey dizz!! but ven vill it b launched in INDIA..??i think it should have an internet option..hw much wil it cost….??do reply….

  10. x on

    its alredy decembr 2008 + it hasnt come out

  11. waiting for nano on

    I am waiting for a nano iPhone because I do not want to pay for internet access on my phone when I alreay bend over monthly for Comcast.
    Who wants about a $100 a month in total internet access charges? No need from my perspective.
    However, I will not buy it if it does not have a camera or SMS messaging outside of a normal text message plan.

  12. R on

    the i on iphone stands for internet,

  13. mm on

    it is crudely edited but it was not done with the stamp tool. more likely the rectangular marquee tool. the stamp tool is far too advanced for this sort of editing.

  14. ?? on

    The i on iphone doesnt stand for internet :S
    does that mean the i on ipod stands for internet too?
    or maybe iphoto or imovie stands for internet photo and movie.

  15. ron on

    no internet means no buy. the whole point of having that beautiful screen in your hand is to be able to surf the net.

  16. gyyyyqqq on

    The fake, photoshopped image above clearly shows a wifi icon on the top menubar of the supposed “iPhone nano”.

    Which means, the headline doesn’t even match the picture.

    It’s entirely plausible that Apple might release a smaller iPhone with no data plan to target younger people who can’t afford an iPhone 3G and its huge monthly bill. But the phone still would have wifi, so you could still use safari, email, youtube, app store, music store, etc. as long as you’ve got wifi at home, or work, or you’re at a wifi hotspot. (Maybe you’ll get free wifi at AT&T hotspots with this just like you do with the iPhone 3G.)

  17. flawdaboi on

    not a bad idea if you want an nice phone for yor kids

  18. f5 on

    This isn’t real.

  19. Sunzero on

    I think that its a good idea because there are lots of people out there who like the whole I-phone thing but don’t want to pay the $35+ for the mobile internet access. Personally though, the ability to get on the internet anywhere i have signal is the major selling point for me, but again thats just me. A good move for apple all in all. and hey, if it doesn’t sell god knows apple can afford to take the hit.

  20. Mojo on

    IF true…

    It’ll really bring competition to the cell phone companies by making them produce a higher quality yet lower cost phone for the general public.

    The current iPhone is still OVERPRICED and the ATT data plans are OUTRAGEOUS!!

    Just shrink the phone to the size of the nano with all features with a BASIC, MORE AFFORDABLE phone plan rates!

    Don’t really need multimedia for such a small device.

    Just need the following: phone, iPod, Wifi for email/internet, calendar, calculator and a MUCH better camera, say 3.2megapixels with flash and AZ! Also, let’s NOT use anything capacity LESS than 8gb as many people’s music collection really needs at least 8gb of storage!!

    Say… doesn’t most middle to upper end phones include those features anyway???

    The main difference is that the iPod is MUCH easier to use as a media player!

    Sony Ericsson Walkman phones’ media player function SUCKS with their media software and it requires using SE’s proprietary headsets as it does not include of a 3.5mm port for standard ear/headphones and it’s overpriced as well!!

    Let’s hear it for the iPhone Nano especially if it’s AFFORDABLE!!!

  21. Iggie on

    Well I want one of those I have an iphone but since the iPhone nano don’t got internet then why bother buying it lol but maby it Is a good idea for a small ones since kids are always asking there parents for a iPhone and it’s way cheaper!!!

  22. Trilby on

    in response to the fool who thought the I in IPhone stood for internet, you couldn’t be more wrong. The reason most products made by apple are “Isomethingorother” is because Steve jobs invented them. Steve jobs was fired from apple in the early days of the company, but was later re-hired under the title “IDirector” because apple already had a new director, as such any products designed by Steve jobs are “Isomething” hence why the MacBook (which wasn’t jobs’ creation) doesn’t have an I in it.

    Another amusing fact is that Steve jobs’s official salary is $1 per year, but he earns millions in royalties and commision on all I-products.

    — Trilby


  23. dust80 on

    You know how bad is type with iPHONE. I cant imagine typing it with iPHONE nano. much be pain in the butt. But its all rumor. so i dont care much about it.

  24. Trilby on

    ok I knocked up the above paragraphon my IPhone in about a minute or so, just takes a bit of getting used to.

    — Trilby


  25. Anonymous on

    I have thhe iphone nano and its way better than the iphone big deal about the internet thats what a computer is for

  26. bastards on

    you bastards there is no such thing go to the apple site and check you fucking pussys.

  27. shoaib on

    If Apple add internet on this new product,i think its gonna b the best.B coz its small and cute.Easy to carry.I will bye one if they make sure that they will add internet and make space more larger.

  28. Anonymous on

    What on earth is the point??? If it was 8gb it would be OKAY, but the whole good thing about the iphone is that it has the internet on it!

  29. Trilby on

    you people seem to be missing the point, this is clearly NOT a real product as it was not even hinted towards in the latest keynote speech or on the apple website, it’s just some immature person who just got a copy of photoshop (heck, you could make that in ms paint) and started this stupid rumour in a feeble attempt to get traffic to their site, and therefore pathetically measure themselves as a human being.

    co-incidentally, why not check out my new website at

    — Trilby.

    p.s. it’s waaaaaay past october 2008 now, why are people still buying this crap?

  30. Anonymous on

    its gay

  31. Anonymous on

    its juast a small little pice of sh*t

  32. me on

    i think its preetayyy xxxx

  33. Tempi on

    i dont really think its good tho cuz i mean its half the size so u cant really touch the screen with out touching the rong butin and stuff and its got no internet so, no i wldnt by it!!!and youd get hand cramp when texting and if your my age youdalways be on it!! i luv my iphone n dont want a nano 1!!! lol

  34. alex on

    I saw this concept that said “White is back!” All the features of the iphone, in a smaller size”

  35. FAKE on

    I think this is a picture of the iPhone just edited! It is bullshit!

  36. p. on

    i think this phone i good for the people who cant afford internet every month, but still want a very cool phone like the original iphone.

  37. annonymous on

    I have an Iphone Nano and they do have internet and you can get a 16gb one because i have one

  38. robert on

    it looks fake, n they have sed no internet connection and in the status bar on the nano iphone there is the internet connection signal. and all the other ideas are fake too, there is jst an mp4 player that has been made that looks jst like an iphone jt smaller.

  39. Anonymous on

    i think its a really good idea and the iphone isnt all about the internet! my friend had on of these and they really liked id they had no problem with it. thhe only reason it broke was because she droped it down the stairs.

  40. Pankaj on

    There’s no iPhone Nano announced by Appli yet.
    hehehehheh guys WAKE UP:)

  41. Hailey on

    Well it would be cool cause I really dont care for internet on my phone cause im just a teen and its not like I need it but its January 2010 and its still not out but back on December 22 someone said “the i on iphone stands for internet” no its does not.Use common sense.The Ipod has an I on it and the first ones didnt get on the internet.Yeah its probally not true that its coming out but ppl stop dissin everything

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