TeleFlip: Send Emails to Your Cell

TeleFlip is a free service that allows a you to send emails to your phone regardless of what model or make it is. It does not have to be a Berry or an expensive one to be able to do this. It is currently for US and Canada users and text messaging fees may apply depending on your phone package.

All you have to do after you register (yes you have to register) is enter your cell phone number, email address, and you email password so the emails will be forwarded to your mobile. They guaranteed that your information will be safe, and the password will be entered only once.

TeleFlip features:

  1. Reply to your emails from mobile phone.
  2. Auto-forward emails from your email accounts to your cell phone as a text
  3. Turn TeleFlip service on/off whenever you like.
  4. Keep a copy of forwarded emails in your inbox as usual.
  5. Free and easy-to setup: No downloads, No special phone, No software to install.



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