Feedo Style

RSS lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs or sites so you can have all the posting from the blogs in one place. But besides that RSS gives you Syndication – you can take content from one site and put it into another. The free service, Feedo Style, allows you to put other people’s RSS on to your site very easily.

To make a FeedoStyle digest follow this steps:
 1. Got to www.feedostyle.com
 2. Click on Get Digest at the top
 3. Step 1: you have a choice between “I want to add a predefined publisher” or “I want to add a feed from an address”
         o If you already know the address where the feed is, select the second option and    enter the address. For now select the first option.
 4. Select the Publisher ( I choosed CNET News)
 5. Select the Feed ( I choosed CNET News.com daily tech news products)
 6. Add the Feed
 7. Create Feed

Now you just added it to your site.

*** Before you take any contents from another website or blog, ask the writer before you do it. It might be for a private read or the author may not want to publicize the writing. But it is a great way to bring a lot of traffic to your site.



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