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Feedo Style

RSS lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs or sites so you can have all the posting from the blogs in one place. But besides that RSS gives you Syndication – you can take content from one site and put it into another. The free service, Feedo Style, allows you to put other people’s RSS on to your site very easily.

To make a FeedoStyle digest follow this steps:
 1. Got to
 2. Click on Get Digest at the top
 3. Step 1: you have a choice between “I want to add a predefined publisher” or “I want to add a feed from an address”
         o If you already know the address where the feed is, select the second option and    enter the address. For now select the first option.
 4. Select the Publisher ( I choosed CNET News)
 5. Select the Feed ( I choosed CNET daily tech news products)
 6. Add the Feed
 7. Create Feed

Now you just added it to your site.

*** Before you take any contents from another website or blog, ask the writer before you do it. It might be for a private read or the author may not want to publicize the writing. But it is a great way to bring a lot of traffic to your site.


How-To: Make a PowerPoint Presentation Versatile

When you have to open your PowerPoint presentation on a different computer to show it or present it there is big risk that it will not open up. This will be do to the fact that it wasn’t saved the right way to make it compatible with other versions or simply because that computer doesn’t have PowerPoint.

Once you are done with making the PowerPoint presentation, save the file regularly as you do with e (.ppt) extension in case you need to make changes. Then go to File > Save As and save it as a PowerPoint Show, a (.pps) extension. Now you will be able to open the PowerPoint Show file from any computer without needing PowerPoint to view the presentation.

The drawbacks, the PowerPoint Show file will not allow you to make changes to the slides so you need to be sure that it’s perfect before saving it in that format. Always keep it in a presentation format (.ppt) so you will be able to make changes to the slides. 

How-To: Insert a Horizantal Line in Word Quickly

When you are in a rush trying to type up your report for school or work, you don’t have time to waste. Instead of wasting time going through the Borders and Shading box here is a quick shortcut to add a horizontal line to save you time.

To separate two sentences or two paragraphs with a horizontal line, put your cursor
at the beginning of the sentence that you want under the horizontal line. Then type “—“(3 dashes) and press enter. It will automatically change to a horizontal line.

It doesn’t have to be just a horizontal line; you can change it by using different characters for the short cut.

To remove it
Put the cursor directly above the line.
Select Borders and Shading from the Format menu.
Click the None box and click OK. 

To prevent the automatic insertion of borders
Select AutoCorrect Options from the Tools menu.
Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
Uncheck Border lines.
(In Word 97, the menu item is AutoCorrect and the check box is labeled simply Borders.)