Get Yourself a Free Copy of Vista Ultimate for Your Feedback

You can get a free copy of Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Vista Ultimate, or Microsoft Money Plus by participating in Microsoft’s Windows Feedback Program. You have to sing up to participate before December 31st, and you have to do BOTH the survey they will give you and the automated-over-the shoulder -watch of your machine from Microsoft. Microsoft will be watching how you use your computer for three months by signing up for the automated feedback software, giving them permission to invade your privacy that might not be worth for a $400 software.

Window’s Feedback Program


2 comments so far

  1. Young on

    I have not tried it, but I heard that it is a great program

  2. charles caldwell on

    Really no good advise my computer is older by 12 years can u give me any advise besides buy new computer

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